"Generational music tradition behind the walls of historical studio building in Budapest."

Budapest the film music
center of Europe

Budapest's reputation as a great music centre has made it one of the most active film music city in the world. With the most talented musicians, the Pannonia Film Orchestra combines the experience of the Pannonia Studio's 50-year professional base with a wold-class technical solutions. Our versatile orchestra, based in the Pannonia Studio, is made up of the most experienced musicians in film scoring and regularly records in both classical orchestral and modern styles, where string techniques and unique soundscapes are in demand. All the conductors we work with have excellent English communication skills and are highly skilled in classical and modern film scoring styles.

Our own instruments, high-end microphone collection and professional team help you to have the best possible studio experience.

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Scoring recordings with extra features

Composer satisfaction is always our top priority, which is why we offer a range of extra services to make your studio experience perfect.

Free Orchestrator Assistance Free

If you need it, our recording orchestrator helps you make the most of your recording time.

Free behind the scenes video Free

If you book an all-day shoot (8 hours) or we work on the soundtrack of an entire film, our professional video crew will make a behind-the-scenes for you for free.

Last minute score change

You send us last-minute changes to your sheet music, because we print it in the studio

Extreme recording time

If you want to spend recording hours as many as possible, we can organize a recording day of up to 12 hours


Our professional team has the highest technical and professional background. Some of their previous work includes film soundtracks. See some examples of our recordings from last years below.


Our team has many years of experience and has been involved in the production of many world-renowned production. Our international partners are manufacturing companies who have put their trust in the orchestra and are satisfied customer and returning partners.

We focus on top quality

Our studios are owning the latest studio equipments and the best recording rooms in Budapest. The unique shape and extra inner height gives a full sounding, alive music. Through the various recording rooms, each individual wish of sounding will be satisfied. Thanks to high-end studio techology and wide range of microphones we can offer world-class recording.

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Emmy-nomined film composer

"Your stuff was very professional. I feel like really taking care of here and very satisfied, and very happy and greatful. I'll be around"


Musical and film composer

"I've done various remote recordings with several orchestras but this was by far the best. I couldn't belive how quickly we got through the material without even the slightest compromise in quality."


Film composers

"It's a wrap, thank you for a great week. Amazing musicians and great crew! Four days of symphony orchestra and choir. See you guys soon again we hope! "

Davis Brown (US)

Classical Composer

"Your stuff was very professional. I feel like really taking care of here and very satisfied, and very happy and greatful. I'll be around"

Shared Session

If you have a short piece of music, like a commercial music or pop song, you can book a shared session.

Here you can sign up for the shared session program. We will send you an email when new shared sessions are available.


We are creating our online musician catalog system for hungarian professional musicians. In the admin system we can organize the sessions and find the best musicians and soloist for special tasks. We organized different masterclasses about scoring recordings, special notations, orchestral studio experience with our in-house conductor Péter Illényi and our composer partner Ádám Balázs. Watch our short video about our actuall practical studio training

Pannonia Film Music

In addition to film music recordings, it's important for us to support young composers, so in 2018 we launched the Pannonia Film Music Composers Competition, which has attracted more than 200 entries from around the world in two years. In the following short film, Michael D. Simon, the winner of the first competition, talks about what it was like to take part in the competition.

Long-term cooperation with film tax debate

Thanks to a film support programme major international productions are coming to Hungary every year. In addition to the film shoots, our post production services have also achieved great success in film scoring.

How it works?

The film support program can also be applied to our services. Thanks to tax rebate, we can offer significant discounts at the highest quality.

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