"Generational music tradition behind the walls of historical studio building in Budapest."


We have many services from sheet music preparing to werkfilm shooting. If you would like to visit Budapest and work here in your recording session we could help you with finding hotel or transfer from the airport.

Personalized Sessions

You can personalize your session with our session form. Click to "Booking" and try the form


We have shared sessions where you can recored your shorter piece of music. If you don't have enough budget for 4 hours sessions, that's the solution for you

Marathon Sessions

In case of challenging deadlines we are open to arrange up to daily 12h sessions

Sheet Music Upload

We can communicate with out musicians through our online system and if needed, we can load up the parts of sheet music to the musician profile

Sheet Music Preparing

Our professional librarians are cross checking the sheet music and in case of need they prepare the completions and corrections

Flexible booking

In our online session form you can create your personalized session

Friendly Prices

Out friendly prices making possible for you to have your projects recorded, that you could not fund before

Werkfilm Shooting

Our professional film crew make a first class werkfilms of your session for you

Transfer & Hotel

If you need a Hotel Reservation or Airport Transfer we can help you to organise your trip to Budapest