"Generational music tradition behind the walls of historical studio building in Budapest."

Our professional microphone collection ensures that you get the best quality recordings

As a consequence, the fantastic acoustics make the success of any music recording or performance more easily attainable. These cinema-centric studios cater for the entire process of sound post production for film, including recording and mixing the film score, recording ADR and final mixing. Each studio is ready for collaboration online all tasks can be controlled or supervised from around the globe.

Scoring Stage


  • 1400 m3 + 40 m3 Recording room
  • Focusrite RedNet Preamp (48 ch), Focusrite ISA Preamp (24 ch), Studer 269 Preamp (24 ch)
  • Apogee Symphony AD/DA (64 Ch), Focusrite RedNet AD/DA (64 Ch)
  • Apogee BigBen master clock
  • Microphones: Neumann U47/47 fet/67/87/89, TLM67/107/102, KM84/86/183/184, USM69, UM57,
  • AKG C12/C414/D12/C451/D112/D224C, Bruel4006, Schoeps CMC5/6+MK2/MK4/BLM3,
  • DPA4061/2011/4099, NLP Ribbon, Sennheiser MD421/MD521/MD441/e901/e609, EV RE20,
  • Shure SM7B/SM57/Beta57/Beta52, Audix D6/D4/D2
  • ProTools Ultimate HDX2
  • Controller: Avid S3, Avid Dock
  • Genelec 1037, Neumann KH120
  • FX: Lexicon 480L, TC System6000
  • Personal monitoring: AVIOM system
  • Source Connect Pro

Large studio space for up to 80-piece orchestra

Thanks to our studio options we can record your music with up to 80-piece orchestra and 40-piece choir.

Special location, special sounds

For modern music recordings, we also work with small string orchestras, choirs and churches, suitable for temple organ recording. In special venues, we use large reverbeant spaces toprovide a natural reverb effect that adds depth to the recorded music in a modern composition.



Steinway and Sons Model B

Steinway and Sons Model D

Nord Stage 3 88

Melodic percussions

Adams Xylophone

Adams Marimba

Adams Vibraphone

Adams Glockenspiel

Grand Concert Harp


Adams 32" FS German

Adams 29" FS German

Adams 26" FS German

Adams 23" FS German


Pearl Decade Maple 14"x5.5" Snare BK

Black Swamp TD2 Tambourine

Adams Big Drum


Istambul Agop Traditional Thin Crash 17"

Istambul Apog Orchestral 18"

Thomann Wuhan Tam Tam 7